I’ve seen others detailing their most used software and hardware setups. Below is my uses entry, feel free to contact me with any questions.


Pop!_OS is my current OS of choice for my personal/work machine, which is the HP Dev One. The Gnome window splitting is awesome (even with its bugs) and I didn’t want to spend time configuring the OS. I’ve spent more weeks than I would like to admit in my teenage years, configuring distros, and I don’t have that time or desire anymore.

There are fond memories of compiling Gentoo stage 1 on a Pentium 4 with CFLAGS configured for max binary execution speed, not compilation speed. It took days!

I am very much looking forward to System76’s COSMIC desktop.

Development Tooling

NeoVim - Editor of choice

Tmux - Terminal multiplexing is vital to how I work. It allows me to split and arrange terminal sessions as I see fit. It’s a great tool for pair programming.

Keychron Q10 Alice in Navy Blue A - After trying much more expensive keyboards, I went back to a semi-ergonomic wired keyboard with QMK support.

Logi MX Vertical - Unfortunatly my Anker vertical mouse died and I had to look for a replacement. Logi has a receiver that you can pair multiple devices to which would save me a USB port and it was very confortable when I tested it in the store.

Ansible - When I have ops tasks I need to perform Ansible is my tool of choice to automate it. Repeatable systems make life as a developer much more sane.

Asdf - I routinely switch between language versions depending on the project and asdf allows me to easily accomplish this. The range of things asdf supports is amazing.

Sublime Merge - A very useful and wonderful to use interface to Git.


As a self diagnosed AMD fanboy I was thrilled when the Ryzen 3900X was announced in 2019. After using the desktop I built with the 3900x for many years, I parted it out to build a desktop for my son. The processor and motherboard now live in a very powerful homelab server.

My daily driver is the HP Dev One, which is no longer being produced. I have upgraded it to 32 GB of ram and the only thing it lacks is GPU power.


YNAB (affiliate link) - You Need A Budget is a tool / methodology for budgeting that I wish I had in my 20s. You assign every dollar a job and stop living paycheck to paycheck.